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All Your New Tire Needs

Need tires in West Bend? Take advantage of our auto repair store tire shop at Auto Safety Center. Our auto mechanics and service advisors can assist you in making the right choice on new tires. We started as a tire shop in West Bend, and tires are still our specialty!

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We sell multiple types of tires:

  • Car tires
  • Light truck tires
  • SUV tires
  • Performance tires
  • Winter tires
  • Snow tires

A tire shop purchase for Auto Safety Center includes:

  • We Clean and Seal Corroded Rims
  • Road Hazard Warranty Included*
  • FREE Puncture Repairs for the Life of the Tire*
  • FREE Roadside Assistance**

*With the Purchase of General or Continental Tires

**With the Purchase of Continental Tires Only

Options with your purchase include:

Lifetime Free Tire Balances

We provide a full range of tire services:

  • Safe Tire Installations - Your tires are professionally mounted by skilled tire installers who undergo comprehensive training to ensure they are some of the best in the business. Attention to detail and a high level of safety from highly trained, skilled, and experienced workmanship!
  • Correctly Tightened Wheels - We take the time to tighten each wheel lug nut to your vehicle's factory specifications. This ensures your wheels and tires are securely fastened, and your wheels, wheel studs, and hubs are not damaged. Over tightened lug nuts can cause brake vibrations, broken wheel studs, and cracked wheels.
  • Free Road Hazard Warranty – FREE Puncture Repairs* and FREE Roadside Assistance**! Auto Safety Center's optional road hazard warranty covers a portion of the cost to replace a tire damaged beyond use by an unexpected event such as running over debris or potholes. Protect your investment!
  • *with the purchase General or Continental Tires
  • ** with the purchase of Continental Tires only
  • Wheel Alignment Check - Auto Safety Center's optional wheel alignment check of your vehicle is essential to extending the life and performance of your tires. A wheel alignment is also critical to steering safety. Drivers should check their wheel alignment every 12 months or 12,000 miles to make sure they maximize their tires' life and lower the cost of your vehicle maintenance.
  • Lifetime Tire Rotation - Regular tire rotation allows all your tires to wear evenly and greatly extends tire life. We want you to get maximum value from your tires, so we'll rotate your tires every 6,000 miles (pro-rated if your vehicle requires more frequent rotation due to factory service requirements).
  • Wheel Balancing - Tire balance also significantly affects tire life, suspension part wear, and passenger ride comfort. Tire balance substantially affects customer satisfaction, so we spin balance all new tires when installed. We recommend rebalancing tires every 12,000 miles (at the same time you rotate your tires).
  • New Valve Stems - All new tires are installed with a new valve stem or fill valve (except TPM Seals. See footnote #1 above). Tire valve stems to keep the air in the tire and prevent the loss of tire pressure. This small part of the tire and wheel assembly deteriorates with age and should be replaced whenever new tires are installed.
  • Tire Recycling - Your old tires will be recycled in an environmentally sound manner and not put in a landfill. You don't have to worry about where your old tires will end up.

Additional cost to replace Tire Pressure Monitor (TPM) Seals*

* Full details available in-store or contact us

Why choose Auto Safety Center as your West Bend WI tire store? We have many different virtues. We offer online tire store prices backed with "local" personal service. You can get a complimentary tire pressure check and fill anytime we're open. We offer honest, helpful advice and consultation on tire options not driven by a service advisor's sales quota. We take our reputation and position in the community very seriously, and it means everything that West Bend knows that we are here to help and that we just want to be the best shop that we possibly can be. We're a family business that values the reputation associated with our good name. Our tire services are in-house, from tire installation to balancing to wheel alignments. We even offer Environmentally Conscientious Tire Disposal to help protect our environment. Take it from one of our happy customers in this five-star testimonial:

"I'm not sure I can say I've ever enjoyed an experience as a mechanic – even for simple things like getting your quarterly oil change. However, after my experience yesterday I don't think I can say that anymore. The entire experience from start to finish was personal, professional, and ethical. When I inquired about getting an oil change done I was asked if I've had my tires rotated recently. I answered no and for a small add-on charge they offered to take care of that for me. Not too long after they took my car back, a gentleman came out to talk to me about my tires. He said that one had two holes in it from different nails and offered to repair them. I took him up on that offer and without prompting he began telling me about how he felt that I should not follow through with the tire rotation because of the condition of my four tires all together. He explained everything in a way that did not make me feel like I was being talked down to and in a way that made me feel like my questions were being honored and my opinion was valued. I believe he could have very easily proceeded with rotating my tires and charging me for that service (which would likely have caused me to need new tires in the spring) or just charging me for a service not performed, knowing that I wouldn't have known the difference. His Integrity during that conversation is what will bring me back and feel confident referring other people to them. P.S. They have a play area for kids! 10/10: Highly Recommend!" -- Maryrose L.

When you next need the services of a tire shop, try Auto Safety Center for a very different experience. We make car repairs easy! Please schedule an appointment today for auto repair and assistance. We're also on Facebook! We're located at 3700 W. Washington Street, West Bend, WI 53095, on the corner of Shepherd's Drive and Washington Street, right across from the Fleet Farm. Our shop hours are Monday - Friday, 7:30 AM - 5:30 PM. We Fix Just About Everything!

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