About Staff

The success of Auto Safety Center is attributed to our talented employees and their commitment to customer satisfaction.

A large part of providing a superior service at an affordable price is knowing what to do. To consistently deliver high-quality service our staff possesses an impressive list of certifications, training, and experience. All our shop technicians are ASE Certified and hold a wide variety of qualifications and many years of combined experience. Our commitment to excellence drives us to stay on top of the constantly changing auto repair industry.

We work hard to be your professional auto service facility.

Joe Valind

Joe Valind - Owner/Manager | Auto Safety Center

  • Purchased Auto Safety Center in 2005; started with Auto Safety Center in 1995 to 1998; then 2003-Present.
  • Qualifications/Certifications/Awards: ASE Certified Technician; ASE Certified Service Consultant; EPA Certified for Air Conditioning repair and servicing.
  • Specializations/Special Skills/Expertise: Great communicator and problem solver.
  • Education/Training: Moraine Park Technical College Fond du Lac, Automotive Technologies Degree 1998; West Bend East High School Graduate 1996.
  • Experience: Technician: 16 yrs; Owner/Manager: 6 yrs
  • Previous host of “The Car Care Minute” car tips radio show on 92.5 FM WBWI

Born and raised in West Bend with most of my childhood years spent at our home on 9th Ave. Auto Safety Center was a shop I walked past many times on my way to the river to go fishing or to Regner Park. In my teenage years and specifically after I bought my first car when I was 16, cars became an obsession. My first job in an auto repair shop was, in fact, at Auto Safety Center. I started working at Auto Safety Center in Sept 1995. I got the job through our high school co-op program which enabled students to leave school and to work on the job while acquiring class credits. My obsession with cars and my ambition collided shortly thereafter and I made it a goal to own my own shop someday. I would never have dreamed that the shop I would someday own was the one I got my start at as a technician when I was 17.M

I love participating in auto repair trade related online forums as a means to improve my knowledge, share ideas, and encourage professionalism throughout our industry. This also improves the service Auto Safety Center delivers to our clients and keeps me current on the rapid changes that take place in the auto repair industry. I also enjoy taking regular classroom training sessions about new auto repair technology. For a while, I shared automotive tips on The Car Care Minute on our local country radio station 92.5 FM WBWI.

Personal interests: study of the Bible, teaching, traveling, and spending time with my family.

Clubs & organization activities: 2013 – Present: Member of Bend City Church 224 Butternut St, West Bend; 2001-2013: Member of Emmaus Bible Church 220 N 6th Ave West Bend; 2003-2010: Emmaus Bible Church Board Member (Deacon); 2010-2013: Emmaus Bible Church Board Member (Elder & Board Chairman).

My family includes wife Jessica, 3 Daughters, 1 Son, a Yorkshire Terrier (Yorkie) named Captain Jack, and a Siamese Cat named Roxy.

Jessica Valind
Co-Owner, Administration

Jessica Valind - Co-Owner, Administration | Auto Safety Center

  • Purchased Auto Safety Center in 2005
  • Experience: Administrative Assistant/Accounting - 10 years
  • Specializations/Special Skills/Expertise: Office management
  • Education/Training: West Bend West High School Graduate

When I first met Joe it was when he worked as a technician at Auto Safety Center. I remember him fixing my car for me many times after hours. Who would have thought someday we would purchase that business! I enjoy my work and the opportunity it allows me to work from our home office while our children play in the opposite room.

Outside of work I have a variety of personal interests and hobbies such as reading, journaling, gardening, and traveling. I am also involved with a number of clubs, organizations and community involvement including Kettle Moraine Home Educators (KMHE) plus I volunteer at church in many capacities.

In my "spare" time our family, 3 daughters, 1 Son, a Yorkie, and a Siamese cat keeps me busy.

Chris McCormack
Service Consultant

Chris McCormack - Service Consultant | Auto Safety Center

  • Started with Auto Safety Center in 2013
  • Experience: Service Advisor - 5 years
  • Education/Training: On Going yearly training, have attended various classes and courses to keep learning new ways how to provide the best customer experience.
  • Qualifications/Certifications/Awards: ASE Certified Service Consultant, Working on and tinkering with cars over the years gave me a good foundation on automotive systems and repair techniques and terminology.   
  • Specializations/Special Skills/Expertise: Able to take complex automotive terms and simplify it to the level of each individual client, thus giving them the information to make repair decisions on their vehicle. 
  • Work related special interests: I enjoy learning about the rich history and the bright future of the automotive industry as a whole.

My previous experience assisting and caring for people with mental handicaps really increased my passion for working with people and helping them. I really enjoy getting to know my clients and working with them when their vehicle needs servicing.

Married in 2012, during my recreation time I love spending time with my wife. We enjoy going fishing, hiking and traveling. We share an interest in coffee, board games, and music.


Vince Silva
ASE Certified Technician

Vince Silva - ASE Certified Technician | Auto Safety Center

  • Started with Auto Safety Center in 2014
  • Experience: Technician - 3 years
  • Education/Training (please include school names): Universal Technical Institute, Over 30 hours of continuous training every year
  • Qualifications/Certifications/Awards: ASE Certified
  • Specializations/Special Skills/Expertise: Bilingual, fluent in Spanish

Personal interests, hobbies & activities- Drawing, Playing Call of Duty


Tim Dabroski
ASE Master Certified Technician

Tim Dabroski - ASE Certified Technician | Auto Safety Center

  • Started with Auto Safety Center in 2016
  • Experience: Technician - 25 years
  • Education/Training: Universal Technical Institute graduate 1994, Over 30 hrs Continuous Training every year
  • Qualifications/Certifications/Awards: ASE Master, L1, and X1 Certified
  • Specializations/Special Skills/Expertise: Fabrication

Personal interests, hobbies & activities: Improving and Restoring my 86 Olds, Camping, Snowmobiling and Auto Racing.

Family: Enjoy spending time with my wife Keri, my daughter Jeanette and my son Eddie.